Prayer Cross

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Prayer Cross
Prayer Cross

“Be still and know that I am with you.” Psalm 46:10


The past few days we have cooked, cleaned, laughed, and cried! While keeping busy in our home, ultimately we have been STILL compared to our normal hustle and bustle. Talking to so many friends about the quarantine... some have embraced the stillness, while others have found fear in the stillness. I find myself reminding them and me that God has his hand in this stillness!!! I had an idea to take my most popular door hanger and turn it into a mini 11” cross. I’m calling it a prayer cross. It’s the perfect size to mail to a friend, tie to a gift, hang in a wreath, give to a service worker, or keep by your bed... To remind ourselves or others, THAT GOD IS STILL HERE IN THE STILLNESS!  I’m hand writing the verse on the back of each cross. Hopefully this little sentiment will bring much needed reassurance and peace.


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