Grapefruit - Dough Bowl
Grapefruit - Dough Bowl

Grapefruit - Dough Bowl

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“Grapefruit” by Lux Fragrances - A brilliantly bright and crisp fragrance. (This fragrance is almost identical to the “Grapefruit” fragrance by NEST candles) It reminds me of warm summer day on the Amalfi Coast. Every time I walk into a room where this candle is burning... l can picture the vibrant Positano markets, beautiful arrangements of citrus in blue and white bowls, sailing to the isle of Capri and smelling the aromas of citrus coming from the groves ahead, and toasting to an amazing adventure with friends with a   Large pour of icy cold Limoncello.

3 wick candle poured in wooden dough bowl.

The fragrance of freshly squeezed grapefruit.

Fragrance Style: Fresh, Clean

9.5" x 6" (approximately 16 oz.)

Each wooden dough bowl is handcrafted, therefore, sizes will slightly vary.