Italian Linen - Dough Bowl
Italian Linen - Dough Bowl

Italian Linen - Dough Bowl

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“Italian Linen” by Lux Fragrances - A luxurious and fresh fragrance. It reminds me of Italy, in the late afternoon, sitting on a rooftop terrace, overlooking Florence below. Every time I walk into a room where this candle is burning... I can picture the colorful Tuscan sky at sunset, the ringing of bells from the dome of The Duomo, linen draperies dancing in the wind, a small café table layered with exquisite linens and a freshly poured glass of wine, waiting for me to take the first sip!

3 wick candle poured in wooden dough bowl.

Italian Linen Fragrance -

Luxurious scent of fresh, fine linens.

Fragrance Style - Fresh, Clean

9.5" x 6" (approximately 16 oz.)

Each wooden dough bowl is handcrafted, therefore, sizes will slightly vary.

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