Lover's Lane - Dough Bowl
Lover's Lane - Dough Bowl

Lover's Lane - Dough Bowl

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“Lovers Lane” by Lux Fragrances - A delicately beautiful and inspiring fragrance. It reminds of spring in Paris, after a early morning rain shower. Every time I walk into a room where this candle is burning... I can picture the dewy foliage of The Tuileries Garden, the gravel walkways that lead to the bubbling fountains, the exquisite architecture of The Louvre Museum looming ahead, couples walking hand and hand, and beautiful flowering bulbs showing off!

3 wick candle poured in wooden dough bowl.

Lover's Lane Fragrance -

Floral blooms of azalea and hyacinth kissed with fresh cut grass. 

Fragrance Style: Floral, Green

9.5" x 6" (approximately 16 oz.)

Each wooden dough bowl is handcrafted, therefore, sizes will slightly vary.

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