Sitting Bunny Topiary
Sitting Bunny Topiary
Sitting Bunny Topiary

Sitting Bunny Topiary

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Isn't this bunny precious... This ivy topiary will make the perfect addition to your garden this Spring! No pot needed, ribbon included.

Ivy is easy to grow in most environments. To grow it indoors, make sure it receives good air circulation. To grow it outdoors, move it inside during the winter to protect it from frost. Ivy prefers temperatures of 55–70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ivy will grow well in most situations. For optimum growth, place it in a bright room away from direct sunlight.

Keep the soil slightly moist at all times. Never allow the pot to rest in a water-filled saucer. Water less often in fall and winter.

To retain the topiary’s shape, frequently trim new growth and train new shoots to cover bare areas as needed.

W- 12"

D- 5"

H- 16.5"

**Shipping will begin March 1st.

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